Welcome to Prep Zero

This site is for people thinking about becoming preppers. The zero reflects that you have done nothing (or not much) to prepare for the seriously bad events preppers talk about.

So how do you get from zero to step one? And how do you do it in a reasonable way without scaring your friends, family and yourself? How do you preserve a balance in your life so you can enjoy the world we have while we still have it?

The first thing: Don’t Panic! The world is probably not going to end tomorrow. And if it does, panicking now isn’t going to save you. If you’re reading most prepper websites, watching YouTube videos and the TV show Doomsday Preppers, you’re probably terrified that you haven’t done enough.

We hope this site helps you find some simple ways to make progress toward being ready for a crisis, while at the same time keeping you sane and maybe learn to enjoy prepping.